On saying goodbye

I was not yet a rabid baseball fan in the last off season. I did not yet understand what it meant to watch the players you’ve grown to love traded to another team for a PTBNL or cash. I did not understand that Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez would be traded or that Cody Ross wouldn’t even get an offer. I did not understand the initial “It’s okay, I expected this” and the crushing epiphany hours later of “No more Tinkerbell skips after a homerun.”

It sounds overdramatic but maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be. My first baseball loss. Cody Ross was the first Giant I recognized, the first Giant I truly adored and looked forward to seeing. He had the high socks and the sparkly blue eyes and that infectious grin (not to mention the bat unf unf) and he was just so. much. fun. to watch play. I was ecstatic when he was signed after the World Series. I know I haven’t related my four Giants games of 2011 to you but there included a lot of OMG CODY OMG CODY OMG CODY.


I am an unabashed Cody Ross fan. Ross is 13oss. Ssory Doc. Our very own Tinkerbell. And he didn’t even get an offer. That just blows. I expected it. I really did. But expecting it and it happening are two entirely different things.

MOVING ON. I’ve read a lot of blog posts in the past 24 hours about how much we’re all going to miss Andres Torres. Yeah, we are. Probably because he’s just the nicest guy. I’ve never met him but I’ve heard stories from plenty of people who have. The man is just nice. Says hello to everyone multiple times. Stops to talk to the lot attendants at AT&T Park. Checks to make sure younger fans are able to get home safely if he sees them by the player lot as he’s leaving.

Obviously we won’t miss their performance on the field, at least the performances they gave in 2011, but we’ll miss their infectious personalities. We’ll miss Ramon Ramirez, too. Because he’s an outstanding pitcher. And he pegged Shane Victorino (accidentally), which sparked one of my favorite moments of the 2011 season: Dave Righetti pulling Tim Lincecum out of the fray and shoving him behind Brian Wilson for protection.

Thank you, Andres and Cody and Ramon. You’ll be missed and next time our paths cross, we’ll greet you like old friends. (AND OMG CODY I LOVE YOU OKAY.)