I interrupted my dad’s finals. Not that it was entirely MY fault, I couldn’t control when I was due. I didn’t ask to be born during finals. That is entirely on my parents. My brother was excited to meet me because in the dark ages, they didn’t let small children onto the maternity ward. The first thing he did when my mom got in the car to come home was lean over and look at THIS adorable face:

Me as a tot

It was much smaller at the time

As an adult, I am this:


I live with my best friend and eternal partner, Sigot, and our two rescue dogs, Franny and Emy. Our family is small, and broken, but good.

You can read Emy and Franny’s stories here.

This blog is a culmination of our lives, from my perspective. We have a number of challenges, individually and as a family, but we get through each day because we all have one another. This space will be as safe as I can make it. Shit will get real here. If you cannot handle that like an adult, you shouldn’t follow this blog. You will not enjoy it.

On the other hand, if you are slogging through life or winning at life or wherever in life and you want to talk about real shit, this might be the place for you. Sometimes I like makeup and sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I like to wear dresses and usually I wear yoga pants. I am a cis woman with a serious fucking grudge against the patriarchy. I enjoy some problematic things, like baseball, which is my religion. I love knitting but get frustrated that it takes so long. I think that means I should do it more. I have a very complicated relationship with food and my body, and also with writing.

You’re all my therapist.


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