That time Frank from HTGAWM killed my BFF

This is Frank.

Frank is a character on the Shondaland show called How to Get Away With Murder. Everyone on this show is hot and brilliant and full of secrets (even the ones with little to no hair.) Frank is fascinating and also sleeping with the hottest woman on the show. He’s also got a v. strong henchman vibe, which is probably why my subconscious made him the person who burst into our home and took away Sigot. Why did he take her away? Because she is chronically ill and was not seen as worth saving, so he took her away to EUTHANIZE HER.


I begged and pleaded and tried to stop them, but they made me leave. I had to take a walk around the block and when I came back, it would be done and I could say goodbye to her EUTHANIZED BODY. I SWEAR TO GOD THIS WAS THE DREAM.

So I went on my walk and when I came back, Sigot was not on the…death bed. Frank was on the death bed. In his stupid slacks and stupid black undershirt. I asked him where Sigot was and he would not tell me. He refused. And then I woke up. It was AWFUL. The only good part about the dream was that I knew what caused it. It wasn’t some messed up crap my subconscious dug up. 

It was from my volunteer training last night. Seriously. The shelter used to, sadly, euthanize a majority of the animals they received. The numbers were heartbreaking, especially for injured or seriously ill animals and from only five years ago. Things are radically different now, but my brain internalized that horror and extrapolated it out to Sigot, and even though it was clearly a dream, I still burst into tears the moment I woke up. Because someone EUTHANIZED MY PERSON and that someone was Frank, who probably seduced Laurel when he was done because that’s just what he does.