I am somehow not yet dead

It’s Day Three of our second Whole 30. If you remember, we did one last year and I had to stop after 10 or so days because I was too sick to eat and all the meats and fibrous veggies & fruit were impossible to get down at all. So Sigot completed the Whole 30 on her own, like a BOSS. I returned to my steady diet of not being able to eat but sometimes occasionally being able to choke down an Ensure.

Fast forward a year and some months, and we’ve started another Whole 30! It’s a lot easier this year because I’m not sick, but it’s still hard as EFF and I get cranky a lot because I want SUGAR and also CHEESE and also SUGAR SUGAR and CHEESE. I know that this will pass, so I’m hanging on because these cravings won’t kill me, jfc Self.

Right now, I miss my ⅓ creamer ⅔ coffee mornings and am convinced that by the end of this month, I will be a big fan of lattes. I don’t like lattes right now, unless they are chai lattes. It’s a battle for me. The coconut cream and the cinnamon and the cocoa are fine and all, and I’d be set if I liked lattes. But I don’t. My next experiment will include vanilla beans. I’m excited! But for right now, I might go make another latte because I really love coffee.

We visited the farmers market on Saturday morning for the first time because we are usually slackers and don’t get out of bed in time. I’m glad we were able to get our shit together because we scored a lot of delicious produce for about $30. Bunches of carrots, cilantro, peaches, strawberries, green onions, spaghetti squash. This morning after our run, I grabbed the strawberries, dumped them into a plastic container with a freezer cube, and we took them to the dog park for a snack. I ate like 3 on the way. THEY’RE SO GOOD. Well done, California farmers!

I’ll try to keep you posted on our Whole 30 progress! Like, maybe I’ll take pictures and stuff and show you what we’re eating and how much I already use the immersion blender I bought YESTERDAY.

coffee is complicated now

coffee is complicated now