Why are we here?

If you aren’t in the know, WordPress has this “university” or something that is kinda cool and they help you blog, give you topics…some of them are focused on writing specifically. The one that started today is Blogging 101, and the task was to write a who I am/why I’m here post. I suck at writing About pages and can never write a decent one, so I’m using Blogging 101 as a springboard for that. And also for today’s post-a-day post. Birds. Stone.

I started my online escapades in the early, hazy days of the internet where AOL was king and chat rooms were HTML-based (and easy AF to hack. I heard. Ahem.) I was a foolish teenager with emotional problems and I suddenly had a blank-faced audience I could talk to without fearing the response. I mean, even if they didn’t like me or responded negatively, the internet allowed me to flee from unsafe situations with relative ease. It wasn’t the far-reaching behemoth it is today. My initial foray into blogging was at Livejournal, I believe. That blog still exists and I never use it, but it’s there like an old friend. An old friend who has seen way, way too much of my ugly insides.

What I’m trying to say is blogging is my jam. I am inconsistent, lazy, and sometimes completely boring, but I love having blogs and sharing ideas with my friends and random strangers who might need comfort or a laugh or a random piece of information or absolutely nothing at my blog. That’s the nice thing about the internet. This corner of the world might not matter to you. It might not interest you. And that’s okay, because there are 800 bajillion people in the world.* You’re not going to blow the socks off every person you meet.

I’m going to talk about my dogs a lot on this blog. I’m preparing you now so you can’t say you’re surprised when all I do is post pictures of them for three straight months. You will also read posts about depression, chronic illness, writing, reading, and how to be a feminist killjoy. One topic you will never ever see on this blog is baseball**. Baseball, YUCK.*** The San Francisco Giants are the WORST.**** Hunter Pence doesn’t turn it off and turn it back on again before calling I.T.*****

If you like any of those thing, or think you’ll like any of those things, maybe stick around and see how it goes. Maybe we can be friends. Maybe we won’t get along at all. I’m hoping at the end of it all, I’ll have made a few new friends, found some quality blogs to add to Feedly, and worked out some of my own shit in the process.

*Totally true, high school students



****Also untrue

*****I have no idea on this one


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