2015 is off to a start of some sort

So…apparently I’m spending 2015 awake? I made my blog post but my brain wanted to say more, so I kept writing for another hour. When my brain stopped wanting to write that, it wasn’t sure what to do next. I checked Instagram and saw everyone’s pictures from celebrations earlier in the evening. All of my friends looked fabulous, of course. A little tiny part of me (the very tiniest part you can possibly imagine) wishes I had been out there all glammed out and freezing my ass off to go WOOOOO!!!!! drunkenly at midnight. The whole entire rest of me is perfectly content with how we spent the evening: in bed watching TV. No, I’m not kidding. I made dinner. We ate dinner. We got into bed and watched episode 1 of Reign. (Verdict: odd but entertaining and requires absolute suspension of historical accuracies. You just gotta go with it.) Then I used our foam roller to calm some of the rage in my back. This only succeeded in revealing more ragey parts of my back. I took the dogs for a walk. It was SO COLD. I got back in bed, started my 2014 review post with Property Brothers in the background and then eventually, it was midnight!

Actually, at midnight I was in the bathroom waiting for a wave of nausea to pass. I’ve read some horror stories online about Zoloft withdrawal and a lot of them have mentioned unrelenting nausea as one of the worst side effects. Mine started a few days ago but is sharp and intense and makes me want to die. So there I was in the bathroom, with cold sweats and that twisting loopy painful nausea ransacking my body, and 2015 slipped in unnoticed until I heard all the fireworks outside. Seriously, all the fireworks. I think all of the fireworks in a 50 mile radius were set off in and around downtown tonight. Any remaining fireworks were distributed amongst the various suburbs, obviously, because why else would all these assholes be shooting off fireworks at 1am?



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