How is this behavior okay?

I don’t have kids. I choose to have a dog instead of a child, but I have a lot of friends who have kids. I love their kids, even if I’ve never met them. I think their babies are the most adorable, and I’m exceedingly proud of ‘my kids.’ I really, really don’t have kids. 

Today when I came home from Target, I pulled up outside our building because the little table we’ve been eyeing for behind our couch was on clearance and I didn’t feel like lugging it from our parking spot. As I was pulling back into our parking area, I waited off to the side while a big truck dropped someone off. He started backing up, I started moving forward and right out of his way and all of a sudden, a little girl, about 8 or 9, zipped up behind the truck on her little scooter thing, went around the truck to the left WHILE IT WAS MOVING BACKWARD, and just kept on going like nothing had happened. The person driving the truck slammed on their brakes and we both sat there for a moment, flabbergasted.

Friends of mine with children, please please educate them on safety while biking/skating/playing, especially if you live in a shared community like an apartment complex. The kids here play in the parking lot, darting around parked cars and not hesitating before running out into the parking lot. I want them to know that it’s dangerous to run around cars without looking first. I want them to know bike safety and pedestrian safety. I don’t want to see any more near misses when I look out the window.