Womp womp womp

We’ve had three different families live beneath us in the year that we’ve been in this apartment. The first family was relatively quiet and I don’t remember much about them. They moved out a few months after we arrived. A few months after that, another family moved in. It was a sizable family, I think, and they kept to themselves and didn’t make much noise. One day earlier this year, they were just GONE. The apartment was empty for months, until early June when we returned from our trip to Monterey and there was all sorts of trash on the patio of the downstairs apartment. A few guys were standing outside and we said hi to them. They were glad we weren’t home the night before because LOL WE THREW A PARTY. Ohhhh great. Those guys.

Right now, I’m typing this blog post to the sweet refrain of WOMP WOMP WOMP rattling up through the floor from the guys downstairs. I have no idea what they’re listening to but it’s awful AND loud AND obnoxious. I’m about ten seconds away from getting up, finding some glow sticks, and having a rave all night long.


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