Baseball feels :(

Sad baseball feels.

This was a bad weekend for Giants fans. It was kind of a hilariously bad weekend. After struggling all last season to produce some offense while our pitchers killed themselves trying to hold opposing teams to as few runs as possible (the starters were the best at this overall, with the bullpen losing leads), our offense saw some resurgence in the first three games of the season. Our pitching fell a bit, but the funny thing is, they didn’t really pitch TOO badly. I mean, Tim got 7Ks on Friday. But Arizona jumped all over their mistakes, no matter how small, and since Arizona’s got some power on their bench…

Yesterday’s game was probably the worst. Blowing a 6-run lead is no bueno. Everyone – both teams – played kind of horribly. I think Pablo’s throwing problems are the result of too much focus on conditioning and not enough on baseball in the offseason. Even during spring training. I think we’re all expecting Posey to be perfect at the plate and behind it. He looked tired by the time Sunday rolled around but not so tired that he couldn’t whack a ball over the fence. It was beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL.

Buster Posey I loooove youuuuu

Chris Stewart got his first start as catcher for the Yankees. I wanted to throw up when I saw the picture of him in the uniform. UGH. I haven’t checked his stats yet but I do know he got hit in the face mask by a foul tip because there were pictures of him doing his “I just got hit in the face mask” face.

God I miss Chris Stewart.


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