Bullet points. Not real bullets! I’m a pacifist, y’all.

Here are some observations:

  • Apparently people found the casting for some characters in The Hunger Games incredibly troubling. Like, did you READ the books? The ones you’re the most upset about were cast almost exactly to book description! Argh. ARGH.
  • Young Adult is NOT what I expected. At all. Like, it’s not as lighthearted as they lead you to believe in previews.
  • The Muppets, on the other hand, is positively delightful. If you are in your thirties, maybe late twenties, you will want to bash your head into a wall to quell the surge of childhood memories that happens when you see this film. It’s so good that I want to throw up rainbows onto Jason Segel’s face. It’s so good that I want to hermit myself away and watch the entirety of the Muppet Show while I live on a steady diet of Red Bull and Mike and Ike’s.
  • My dad is home from China and I wish I could magically transport myself home so I could hear all of his stories first-hand. My dad is an excellent storyteller. I hope the people he met understand how awesome a human being he is and how lucky they were to hang out with him!
  • Regular season baseball is so. stinking. close. I have so many games on my wishlist (even an A’s game! But to see the Red Sox. Because of Cody Ross.) and so little money. Also planning on some AAA games. I follow all these nice, hardworking minor leaguers on Twitter; I’d love to see some of them in person.
  • Lastly, here is a picture I took a few weekends ago while it was stormy in northern California. Nature is neat-o, kids!


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