I am posting to avoid arbitration

Did “to avoid arbitration” trend on Twitter at all today? Because it certainly seems like it could have. Splash Hits has an epic run-down of who avoided arb and who didn’t (Giants only), so I will leave you to read all of that when you have time, but Tim Lincecum asked for a lot of money and for god’s sake, man, IT’S TIM LINCECUM.

I also have a lot of opinions about Brian Wilson and where his doubters can shove their hatred, but I’ll just say this: he’s been diligent, he’s looking good, and someone dared mention he was back to pre-beard Brian. Though only figuratively because I know for a fact he’s still got the beard. Not that it matters. It’s only facial hair.

And James Harden is only a basketball player for the Thunder.

He also wears bowties. You’re welcome, America.

In case you haven’t guessed it, I have my computer back! Still working to get it where I want it, but ye gods, IT HAS BEEN TWO WEEKS. TWO. WEEKS. PLUS ONE DAY. My twitchy bits are starting to relax. Everything is right with the world.

Except for all the things that aren’t.

And speaking of which, I’m going black tomorrow (or today) (or yesterday because you won’t be able to see this until then if you don’t get to this blog before 8am January 18) to protest SOPA/PIPA. So. You know. It’ll be like any other day on this blog when I don’t update, except you won’t be able to see anything (except maybe a post WordPress is going to post on my behalf. Idk).



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