I have but one life to live for my blog

Also known as: I’ve not had a computer for a week and a half and before that, I was on vacation, so that is why I haven’t posted yet this year. I’m breaking the hiatus long enough to steal my BFF’s computer to make this post. And maybe look at pictures of Giants. We’ll see.

I actually have something VERY IMPORTANT to tell all of my ~followers who are also Giants fans. There is a fantabulous new blog – as in just started today – that will be littered with amazing Giants news and opinions and other baseball-related things in the near future. It is run by aforementioned BFF and you can find it RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK. Seriously though, if you like Giants news and you kind of want it all compressed in one place, that’s going to be your go-to spot. I don’t want to give anything away but there might even be a podcast in the works. BUT THAT’S JUST WHAT I HEAR ON THE GRAPEVINE.

Seriously. Go. Check. It. Out. It’s even called Splash Hits! What more could you want??


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