2012: January

My dear friend Kat posted a playlist for the month of January on her Facebook the other day and like I always do, I decided to copy her because she’s cool and has really good ideas. One playlist a month for an entire year. What I’m listening to now, what fits the mood of the month. That kind of thing.

January’s playlist is an EP; I didn’t have enough time to really pull together anything substantial. So here’s my list! All of them are available via Spotify!

  1. Gotta Have You – The Weepies
  2. 3 Rounds and a Sound – Blind Pilot
  3. New Slang – The Shins
  4. Disengaged – Grouper
  5. Lay Myself Down – Mazzy Star

You can probably set these songs to shuffle without any problem but I like the progression of these 5 songs, especially between New Slang, Disengaged, and Lay Myself Down.

Let me know what you think!


Better know a ball player: Michael Schlact

I came up with this idea to spotlight minor league players after chatting with a few of them on Twitter the past few weeks. These are guys who work hard and dream big and are super appreciative of their fans. It turns out that Splash Hits planned to do something similar, though hers might be more Giants-focused, so expect some cross-blog linkage for those posts.

The first Better Know a Ball Player* is Michael Schlact (Shh-lack). See how much I love you, internet? I found out how to pronounce his last name for you so you wouldn’t have to wonder how badly you’re butchering his name when you talk about him to your best friend.

Michael, a RHP, was drafted by the Texas Rangers in 2004 and has played for a number of different teams since then, including Bakersfield (BAKERSFIELD!). Over 8 seasons and numerous teams, his ERA is 5.23, K/9 is 4.6, and his K/BB is 1.54 (over roughly 843 innings pitched). I started following him on Twitter one night when I got sucked into a baseball player tweetnado (it’s also how I ended up following LoMo again. I can’t stand that guy!) and since then, he’s not proven to be anything but polite, gracious, and in love with baseball.

Things I know from his Twitter: He recently had surgery (shoulder, I believe?), has a blog, and is SUPER into Jesus. And his wife, who is also on Twitter. They are both positive and affirming and seem to adore the crap out of each other. Apparently his wife can cook really well and I wanted to be all creepy the other day and ask for her recipe for this black bean soup she made, but I decided against. No, talking about it on my blog is TOTALLY A BETTER IDEA.

Also: Michael Schlact is 800 feet tall. I would post pictures as evidence but most of the ones I found had death penalties attached, so I’ll just give you the Google search results. Clearly you can see that his legs are the length of a blue whale standing on the shoulders of another blue whale.

Today (January 24) Michael signed with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs¬†for 2012. While I am all YAY YOU! about this news, because who isn’t relieved when they have a job lined up, I am very bummed because teams like the SMBC don’t ever make it over here to the best coast.** I hope someday Michael’s career brings him a bit closer to northern California. Until then, I’ll just make due with chatting him up on the tweet machine.

*I hope Stephen Colbert doesn’t sue me for altering his Better Know a District series. I’m poor, Mr. Colbert! Just tell me to cease and desist and I will!

**This saddens me more than it should but it’s probably for the best because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I were ever surrounded by baseball players from New England.

The sun’ll come out NEVER. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

I may cry, internet. I may cry actual tears ON MY FACE.

Cody Ross is going to the Red Sox. I know Cody was done in SF but you know, I just didn’t want anyone else to get him. And god yes, he was horrible this year, whatever. Cody was my Giant. And now he’s going to Boston. Where like, Boston is NOT SAN FRANCISCO.

“T-Lince” still hasn’t settled anything with the Giants and it’s all anyone can talk about and they keep positing these scenarios, like LINCECUM for TULO and I don’t care how much sense it makes, I WILL NOT AGREE WITH IT.


I am posting to avoid arbitration

Did “to avoid arbitration” trend on Twitter at all today? Because it certainly seems like it could have. Splash Hits has an epic run-down of who avoided arb and who didn’t (Giants only), so I will leave you to read all of that when you have time, but Tim Lincecum asked for a lot of money and for god’s sake, man, IT’S TIM LINCECUM.

I also have a lot of opinions about Brian Wilson and where his doubters can shove their hatred, but I’ll just say this: he’s been diligent, he’s looking good, and someone dared mention he was back to pre-beard Brian. Though only figuratively because I know for a fact he’s still got the beard. Not that it matters. It’s only facial hair.

And James Harden is only a basketball player for the Thunder.

He also wears bowties. You’re welcome, America.

In case you haven’t guessed it, I have my computer back! Still working to get it where I want it, but ye gods, IT HAS BEEN TWO WEEKS. TWO. WEEKS. PLUS ONE DAY. My twitchy bits are starting to relax. Everything is right with the world.

Except for all the things that aren’t.

And speaking of which, I’m going black tomorrow (or today) (or yesterday because you won’t be able to see this until then if you don’t get to this blog before 8am January 18) to protest SOPA/PIPA. So. You know. It’ll be like any other day on this blog when I don’t update, except you won’t be able to see anything (except maybe a post WordPress is going to post on my behalf. Idk).


I have but one life to live for my blog

Also known as: I’ve not had a computer for a week and a half and before that, I was on vacation, so that is why I haven’t posted yet this year. I’m breaking the hiatus long enough to steal my BFF’s computer to make this post. And maybe look at pictures of Giants. We’ll see.

I actually have something VERY IMPORTANT to tell all of my ~followers who are also Giants fans. There is a fantabulous new blog – as in just started today – that will be littered with amazing Giants news and opinions and other baseball-related things in the near future. It is run by aforementioned BFF and you can find it RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK. Seriously though, if you like Giants news and you kind of want it all compressed in one place, that’s going to be your go-to spot. I don’t want to give anything away but there might even be a podcast in the works. BUT THAT’S JUST WHAT I HEAR ON THE GRAPEVINE.

Seriously. Go. Check. It. Out. It’s even called Splash Hits! What more could you want??