Happy Thanksgiving

Baseball news! Get yer fresh hot baseball news!

FOOLED YOU! You thought I was going to talk about Thanksgiving. I mean, I will. But later. First we talk baseball.

This week’s news roundup~

AL MVP Announced! Congratulations to Detroit’s Justin Verlander, who you might remember ALSO won the AL Cy Young. This isn’t something that happens very often (last time was in 1992) because of the simple fact that Cy Young = pitching MVP. But whatever, I don’t get a vote and the people who do chose Justin Verlander for MVP. (Not like I mind – I love Verlander!)

NL MVP Announced! THE HEBREW HAMMER LAYIN’ SOME MVP JUICE ON YOUR NOGGIN. Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers was announced as the NL MVP. You might remember him from such moments as:

CBA reached! Now featuring such magnificent items as an Astros move in 2013, HGH testing, revised draft rules, and my favorite, a smackdown on tobacco products. Which basically means Panda won’t have that Skoal can in his back pocket anymore and maybe Tim Lincecum won’t sully his precious face with…well. THIS:

Gross, Lincecum.


"I just got dissed on a blog that only 3 people read. Wtf."

In non-baseball news, Thanksgiving is TODAY. This week, our turkey, Hank*, thawed in our fridge and I’ve spent countless minutes going over what food will be prepared in what pan/pot/dish. I bought our final items for our feast on Tuesday: butter, aluminium foil, saran wrap, orange juice, and champagne. No, we are not eating foil and plastic for dinner. They’re for packaging leftovers, silly. The oj and champagne is for this morning because if there’s one thing my mom taught me, it’s that you should start drinking as soon as possible on Thanksgiving. Thanks, Ma!

Today I’m thankful for many things – my supportive family, my lovely friends, a roof over my head, a monthly paycheck. It’s cool and rainy today, so it feels like a proper Thanksgiving. This Christmas, Electric Girl and I are flying to the magical land of Oklahoma to spend Christmas with my family. Let the holidays begin!

I hope you and yours have a happy, food-filled Thanksgiving!

P.S. If you watch this before the game, who will win the Har-bowl? I’m not a fan of the NFL but CSNBA has run this story into the ground, so now I care a little bit. I’m going with the 49ers because of proximity. See what I mean when I say my opinions on sports aren’t based on statistics or logic? It’s fun to be me!


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