Either you’re surprised or you’re not

I am behind on NaNoWriMo, which is not surprising. This is how it happens with me. I might start on a good note but then I fall behind and then knock out 30k in one weekend. MARATHON WRITING FOR THE WIN. My story is about baseball. See what I mean about either you’re surprised or you’re not? I’m writing about baseball. This should surprise NO ONE these days. It’s a good story. The writing is not good. The story is good. Or at least it has captured my heart. I’ve already shed tears over it and I’m only at the beginning, before the real meat of the story even starts. Our intrepid hero, Bennett, is just so down on his luck right now. I don’t want to tell you more because I’ll jinx myself. Maybe someday I’ll share some excerpts of it. I probably won’t but you know, whatever.

Speaking of baseball, SF Giants LHP Jonathan Sanchez (38-46, 708 IP, 607 H, 360 R, 376 BB, 736 SO over 6 seasons) was traded to the Kansas City Royals today, along with minor league pitcher Ryan Verdugo, for OF Melky Cabrera (.305, 18 HR, 87 RBI, .339 OBP in 2011). Fact: if you couldn’t see Dirty’s departure approaching from a thousand miles away, you might want to have your vision checked (unless you aren’t a Giants fan, then you get a pass). He’s probably already peaked and he was erratic at best in 2011 (when he wasn’t injured). A quick Google search will produce a dozen analyses of this trade that are far more sophisticated, professional, and based on actual facts than this blog post but my baby baseball brain says this will probably work out in the long run, if for no other reason than to not have two craptastic pitchers on our roster who are costing us waaaaay more than they’re worth.

And speaking of the Giants, I’m pretty sure everyone knows this happened over the weekend:

 Photo credit: Brian Wilson’s Twitter

The argyle socks and Nike Air Mags are just the cherry on top of this tremendous outfit. I should’ve known it’d turn out to be an awesome day since this was how it started for me. I was blearily putting together our Ikea coffee table (without coffee! right after waking up!) and then I just at on my floor shouting OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE at the television for a good five minutes because seriously, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

His mom must be so proud.

But back to how epic Saturday turned out. Electric Girl and I got a bed and a mattress set and I put together MORE Ikea furniture and then LSU beat Alabama and then I CRIED REAL, ACTUAL TEARS when Oklahoma State beat Kansas State. ACTUAL TEARS. ON MY FACE.

I grew up watching OSU football. I grew up on Thurman Thomas and Mike Moore and Hart Lee Dykes (okay, maybe not the best example) and Mike Gundy and Barry Sanders. BARRY FRICKIN’ SANDERS. Who is on Twitter, by the way. Oh and Thurman Thomas is on LinkedIn. Sometimes I’ll get an email from LinkedIn and it will be all THURMAN THOMAS POSTED A MESSAGE IN THE OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY GROUP and I’ll be all OMGGGGGGGGG and go read it because y’all, I was mad in love with him in the third grade. Y’all don’t even know. I WROTE HIM A LETTER AND HE WROTE ME BACK. He had atrocious penmanship but was very, very nice. I even got a signed picture! Which I need to find when I’m at home for Christmas.

Okay, where was I? Right. OSU football. So we’ve not been good in a long, long time. We’ve been better than usual for the past few years, and we did all right most of the time I was in college. At least I didn’t have to deal with what my brother dealt with during his time at OSU. I think they had a losing record every single year he was at the university. Oops! Anyway, this year we’re good. We’re GOOD. We don’t play like the OSU of the past. We make plays in the second half. We claw and scratch and dig it out, week after week. And last week’s game was hard to watch. So very hard to watch that I actually DIDN’T watch a lot of it. I kept it on in the living room while I built furniture and when I was done being all crafty and productive, I sat down for the last quarter. And aaaahhhh! I screamed out of joy! I screamed out of frustration! I screamed out of joy! I screamed out of frustration! I flailed with delight when Brandon Weeden started bouncing around like it was Christmas morning after the two-point conversion. I screamed NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO each and every time KSU tied the game up. And when it was all said and done, when we finally beat them, I was so relieved that I cried. I felt like I did during the entire summer, watching baseball.

Oh, and Brandon Weeden? Currently the only Yankee I have ever loved.

Don’t worry, Yankees. Sometimes I spell his last name “Whedon”. HABIT.


One thought on “Either you’re surprised or you’re not

  1. I wish we had kept Jonathan. He had a no hitter under his belt and nailed down the season in the last game to send us to the Series. I liked his fire, even though it got him in trouble at times.

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