Goodbye baseball, hello hockey

Except not goodbye baseball! The Giants have 3 more games at home and then there’s the post season and I have to figure out what teams I like and what teams I don’t (right now I’m leaning toward the DBags and the Rangers). But hockey is heating up with all the preseason games and I’m excited, because hockey and college football are my fillers for the offseason. It’s been a few years since I followed hockey fairly religiously and I don’t know why I fell off, but I did and now I know a lot of people who adore hockey, so I’m counting on them to carry me through. Go Sharks? I don’t know…that’s too new for me. I’m a Pens girl, all the way. And then the Avs. I’m going to give the Sharks a shot though. We might even go to a game! Yay!

So a quick breakdown of the Giants’ season. Buster Posey was injured in May and that was horrific (we didn’t have cable yet, so I missed the game), and then Freddy was injured diving for a ball (we did have cable at that point) and then injuries plagued us off and on while our offense wavered and then the injuries hit us full-tilt and our offense went on vacation. The spate of injuries continued and people played injured, pushed through the pain and made their injuries worse (Schierholtz, I’m looking at you). And our offense crumbled. Crumbled and flattened and were suddenly awakened by the Rockies but stifled by the Dodgers and humiliated by the Diamondbacks. Tim Lincecum, two-time Cy Young winner, ended his season with a losing record, a sub-2.75 ERA, and only 220 strikeouts, which means this is the first year he hasn’t led the league in Ks. His outing today was hard to watch, especially after he drilled Upton in the helmet – Lincecum was obviously rattled by the pitch – and our offense wilted, and Lincecum scratched and clawed and I want nothing more than for him to enjoy his off season and put 2011 behind him.

I hope now that the season is more or less over that the boys can enjoy themselves for these last 3 games. I hope they can stop digging deep for something that will not happen and start aiming for fun. It’s going to be sad, saying goodbye to this team I love so much. It will be hard when we hear the names of those who won’t be with us next year (Cody Ross, Javier Lopez – possibly, Andres Torres, etc.) but I’m already looking forward to spring training. I’m already contemplating a weekend in Scottsdale. I’m already thinking about opening day at home (AGAINST THE PIRATES OMG).

Here’s to another season, Giants. Here’s to the Beard and the Freak, to the Boss and the Baby Giraffe, Nate the Great and Torres the Tornado. Here’s to Ryan Vogelsong and Pablo Sandoval. Thank you for the summer.


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