My very grown up weekend

Before I tell you all about my exciting weekend, I have to say something VERY IMPORTANT:

The above is true if Stephen = me and this = Electric Girl. Because she was all “Chase Utley plays second, right?” and I was like “Idek I only know that he’s pretty” and she’s like “if I’m right, you have to make a post about how I’m awesome”. SO THERE YOU GO, INTERNET.

And here’s a short story about Chase Utley:

Once upon a time, the Phillies came to San Francisco to play the Giants in a four-game series and in the second game, there was a bench clearing non-brawl and then in the fourth game, Chase Utley was up to bat and accidentally threw his bat and it hit Tim Lincecum in the knee and he ran out to check on Tim, which was sweet, but then he got a base hit and I stopped feeling very generous toward him because HE HIT TIM LINCECUM WITH HIS BAT and did you notice how Tim did not immediately turn around and impale Chase with said bat? And then we won the game and I don’t like the Phillies still but Chase Utley is a babe, so I will give him a free pass. Fin

SO ANYWAY. This weekend we were supposed to pick up a set of mattresses from a coworker but it didn’t work out, so we have to do it this week. I went to the thrift store Saturday morning to buy a glass bowl (so I can make cheese dip, in case you’re wondering) and I ended up finding an entire SET of glass bowls (like, EIGHT BOWLS) AND a black spoon rest for the stove AND a set of three little glass dishes that match some of our glasses almost perfectly. (And I also found a GORGEOUS black purse that is slouchy and studded in all the right places and I cannot wait to use it omg.) Then I went to Ross and bought a shower curtain covered in butterflies for $6. SIX DOLLARS! It’s PERFECT. Now I want an over-the-toilet thing because I only have one towel rack and not much storage space, so that is the solution to my problem.

Basically I had a very grown up weekend punctuated by lots of baseball, a nap, and popcorn. JEALOUS?


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