For future reference

In the hopes that I will make an actual post about it this week, I’m dropping a quick post in to remind myself…then I can’t just let it slip, can I?

So in a part of the world beset by war, a non-existent government, and poverty, there’s also a drought. I grew up in the ’80s, when there were droughts everywhere, particularly in Africa. I’ve come to associate droughts with that continent, however unfairly, since there are lush, thick forests there but the picture painted for us in the ’80s was just abject poverty, misery, and suffering beyond belief.  (The trouble with the media’s portrayal of Africa is another post all together because colonialist mindset much?)

This week, I hope to gather some information to share with you on the drought and the region, along with some resources on where to donate, what you can do, etc.


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