Oy to the vey

I get a rare night to myself and how do I spend it? Watching the replay of this afternoon’s game on mute and listening to the same song over and over and over again. MY LIFE, IT IS EXCITE. I mean, this should tell you something about the state of my life lately: we’ve lived in our apartment for a little over a month and I still have no idea how security works at the gate at night. I HAVE NOT STAYED OUT PAST 9PM IN AT LEAST A MONTH. My life is legit.

Tomorrow is Friday. Well, today is, depending on when you read this. Tomorrow is Friday and it will finally be the end of a truly hellish week. Work is usually pretty busy from day to day but this week everyone is acting like we’re about to shut down for Christmas and New Year instead of just being off on Monday. WHAT THE SHIZBALLS, PEOPLE. Slow your roll. WE WILL BE BACK ON TUESDAY.

And speaking of next week, idk if you heard that squeal of excitement coming from our part of the world, but that was me hitting PURCHASE on two Giants tickets for next week.  BOOYAH. We can thank Matt Cain for that little gift; because of his 1000th strikeout, they released a bunch of tickets for $10. MINE ALL MINE. We are pumped. I will totes mcgoats tell you all about it next week.

So aside from being so busy my eyes are bleeding by 3pm and also dealing with insomnia, I’ve just been…kind of present. I have nothing new to report, so have some pictures from my phone.

Near my office


This was Tuesday of this week. IT IS ALMOST JULY, CALIFORNIA.

Found this today on my walk. Pretty much the truest statement EVER.

Today's game. 6th pitch in play but you'll notice that the score had already updated. Sad.



One thought on “Oy to the vey

  1. Love the last pic. Truer words have never been written. Also totes mcgoats made me crack up. What a great phrase.

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