Rest your rump

Ah, a brand new blog. I have some plans for this. Well, if by ‘plans’ I mean ‘two ideas’, then yes! I have PLANS. I’m a little nervous about this little experiment because I plan on giving this to like, everyone. And by everyone, I mean my parents. That means I have to clean up my act a little and not swear so much in big font.

I hate sexism. As a woman, it’s on my radar all the time. I work in an industry dominated by men, at a company run by men, and live in a country that grants exceptions and privilege to white men. I’ve had my opinions, experiences, and knowledge undermined and invalidated by men who assure me that I cannot possibly be right about how women are treated, and really, I should just stop being so sensitive about everything.

Except, you know, I’m not sensitive enough about it. I let things slide all the time. I let guys I know say things that are borderline offensive or just completely offensive. I don’t like conflict and I don’t like to push buttons. But I’m also sick to death of being told my place. By individuals. By corporations. By everything.

I’ve had men treat me as incompetent because I am a woman. I’ve had men step in to take over without asking if I needed help first (and when I didn’t need it anyway). I’ve been lectured about being too independent (mostly by those in the church). I’ve been lectured about not respecting men enough (again by the church-types). I’ve been sworn at for not responding positively to a stranger’s attention. I’ve been catcalled more times than I can count, and believe me, man-readers, it’s not a compliment and it’s not good manners.

So basically, if a woman tells you that she has experienced sexism in one way or another, don’t tell her that she’s wrong and that it’s really THIS way that is TOTALLY not a form of sexism, gosh you crazy woman! Because you’ll be wrong and you’ll also be a jackass.

Sexism is real, it’s wrong, and it hurts everyone.

(Thank you for visiting! This blog post isn’t very good because I was being royally distracted by the Giants’ gloriously horrific playing and also by Buster Posey’s presence in the dugout SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS.)


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