Goat Rock State Beach

Goat Rock State Beach by madrigals
Goat Rock State Beach, a photo by madrigals on Flickr.

The BFF and I went to see the Pacific for the first time since we both moved back to CA two years ago and for the first time in 7 long years. It was a gorgeous day; the rest of the photos are available on Flickr.

Today we’re going to a Sacramento Thunder Cats* game. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day, y’all!

*I’m incapable of calling them the River Cats. I always say Thunder Cats first.

What I’ve been doing, the picture version

Decorating for spring.

Taking walks.

Reading The Hunger Games trilogy.

Getting the worst car wash ever.

Having people over for dinner.


Other things I’ve been doing: preparing myself for a summer of DMB and baseball. That is pretty much it. DMB tour dates were announced last week. Pitchers and catchers reported last weekend, position players reported Thursday, and the first full squad workout was on Friday. The Giants play their first intrasquad game on Thursday. Today they had their first live bp. Matt Cain got pegged by a drive from Hector Sanchez and Jeremy Affeldt beaned Pablo Sandoval in the side. Spring training started with Ryan Vogelsong’s strained back and then Ryan Vogelsong getting sick and then Tim Lincecum experiencing some “stiffness” in his back. Brian Wilson admitted to being in pain from either his elbow or his back for most of last season. And…Buster Posey looks phenomenal. Phenomenal. I mean, I don’t want to gush but BUSTER POSEY BUSTER POSEY BUSTER POSEY BUSTER POSEY!

Buster is SO having it.

Time goes fast and slow simultaneously

The holiday season. It goes by too quickly for me but the days crawl by when it comes to work and getting to see my family (once I am home to see my family, time triples and is gone before I know it). I spent all of last week sick with a cold, which I gave Electric Girl and she, being of weak immune system, has it 10 times worse than I did. Our plans for this weekend, while they weren’t great or many, got put on hold. I did, however, manage to write some of my holiday cards and start a small, quick project that I can’t mention here because it involves presents.

I also spent some time getting to know the D100. FINALLY. I got it in August. And since I didn’t really go anywhere this weekend but the store, here are a couple of pictures from inside the apartment: