I never know what to write on these “about me” things. Like, I know I should give you some sort of snapshot of who I am, something that will fill in some of the holes that are all over my blog posts, and that I should present this information in a fun, witty manner because this is the internet and we all must be clever.

So here are some basics: I was born and raised in Oklahoma, I moved to California after college for almost five years, I lived in North Carolina for a little bit after that, and now I’m back in (northern) California. I live with my heterosexual life partner. I work at a job I find challenging with people who make me laugh. I love the San Francisco Giants and Dave Matthews Band. I love traveling and the ocean, sunrises and sunsets, fuzzy socks and sleeping in, wine and fireplaces, knitting and reading, movies and the internet, pachyderms and penguins. I’m a WW2 nerd. I love anthropology. I believe in social justice. I enjoy being alone. I’m addicted to Pellegrino. I have lots of freckles. My favorite number is 17 and my favorite color is black. I love Aaron Sorkin shows. I’m a political junkie. I simply adore Matt Smith’s portrayal of The Doctor. I do not ship Ten/Rose.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask.

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